Platinum Package

Will have you flying toward getting your body and golf game on track!  

What you’ll recieve

Movement Assessment

PLATINUM GOLF MOVEMENT ASSESSMENT testing your mobility, stability and strength, creating a full picture of how your body is impacting your swing.

Golf Swing Analysis

Have your swing BIOMECHANICALLY ANALYSED to indentify which of the BIG 12 swing characteristics you have and how your golf swing directly relates to your bodies ability to move.

Golf Exercises

Your Top 5 GOLF EXERCISES that will fast track your golf fitness.

FREE Report

BONUS REPORT explaning your results and how your Top 5 GOLF EXERCISES will enhance your body and impact your golf.


$117.00   (RRP $149.00)

Personalised to you and your body

100% online = quick and easy to complete

Can be done on course, at home or in the office


Requires little equipment