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Our mission is to help you achieve greater golf performance with a lower risk of injury by giving you the tools for better movement

How we will help you…

Imagine a car. Your golf clubs are the framework of the car, the golf coach is your driving instructor and your body is the engine. There’s no point trying to get a four cylinder to race like a Ferrari! As we help you upgrade your engine and improve your golf fitness, you’ll start to find you can drive faster, for longer with no problems.


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Golf Fitness Packages

Our Golf Fitness Packages are the perfect starting point to get you moving better and enhance your golf game! 

Personalised to you and your body

100% online = quick and easy to complete

Can be done on course, at home or in the office


Require little to no equipment

Choose your level, depending on how fast you want to improve your golf game…

Starter Golf Fitness Package

First step to getting your golf game and fitness on track!

Premium Golf Fitness Package

Will allow you to get a quick start towards moving and playing golf better!  

Platinum Golf Fitness Package

Will have you flying toward getting your body and golf game on track!


Our Golfers Love Us

“I walked in with hesitation, however, after the accurate and diligent process of the golf movement screening, I walked away with a set up adjustment that relieved back pain and enabled pure extension though the golf ball.”

Adrian Jageurs

CEO, Jagers Carpets

Before seeing Ben, I felt my golf was inconsistent on the best of days. I was given a tailored exercise program to steadily improve my strength in the areas needed, and boy did I need it! I’ve been working on my golf and more importantly my physical health for over 5 months now and I feel stronger than I ever have before. Even better, my golf has improved!

Justin Moulton

Owner Director, Alegria Dance

“Benny is a legend! He helped me with my mobility which has fixed my lower back and made my swing a lot more consistent. Definitely recommend everyone getting a golf movement screen.”

Adam Wallace

Manager, Scoresby Pinnacle Health Club

of the last 20 Majors were won by players advised by a TPI Certified Expert

27 of the top 30 players in the World are advised by a TPI Certified Expert.

of the last 63 PGA Tour events were won by players advised by a TPI Certified Expert.

We Specialize In

Improving Performance

Feel like you’re getting no where with your game or reached a plateau in the last few months?

Back Injuries

Do you have lower back or neck pain? Do you find the pain gets worse towards the end of the round?


Knee Pain

Do you struggle to tee up your ball or pick it up out of the cup? Feel like the ground is getting further away? 

If you answered yes to any of the above the good news is we are here to help!

The Benefits of Being Golf Fit


Longevity, adding 5 years to your life

Improves balance and strength


Lower your risk of injury


20-30% reduction in risk of depression and dementia

Prevent weight gain, if not weight loss

30-40% lower risk of a having a stroke or diabetes

Increases your heart health

Helps maintain bone health, reducing the risk of a hip fracture by 36-68%

Ready to Improve your Golf Fitness?

When was the last time you worked on your body to help with your golf? If you answered ‘never’, the great news is you have unused potential up your sleeve. Whether you are just starting or played for a lifetime, we will help improve your Golf Fitness and get your playing better for longer!

With our 100% satisfaction money back guarantee, why not start now?